What security measures are in place?

Monday, July 13, 2020

• All data is transmitted over a 128 bit SSL encrypted connection

• Two Factor Authorisation must take place prior to a client being granted access to proceed to complete the first step of making their payment to you.

• Watchlist Screening is used to weed out fraudulent players.

• ArcartaPay’s maximum 7 day ‘Transaction Suspension’, paired with Stripe’s timed release of funds provides an additional level of security that helps weed out fraudsters and enables merchants to exercise Due Diligence as they see fit. No card is charged, only pre-authorised. Upon receipt of payment - following assessment of the transaction - are you permitted to Approve or Decline a transaction. This is unique to ArcartaPay.

• Stripe is an industry leader in fraud detection, protection and prevention. Stripe Radar uses Machine Learning - to analyse known fraudulent behaviour - and Artificial Intelligence to help eliminate the use of fraudulent cards being processed.

• ArcartaPay only displays non-sensitive client data in Transaction Reports. All sensitive data is stored securely by Stripe which is protected to PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1, the highest level of compliance available.

• ArcartaPay’s connection to Stripe is made possible through a secure API, only accessible through username and password entry and further two-factor authentication. Information available within Stripe is further encrypted to ensure no sensitive information is available to anyone including members of the ArcartaPay team.