Resisting Painting All Collectors With The Same Brush...
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Resisting Painting All Collectors With The Same Brush...

Journalist and author Riah Pryor discusses accelerating digital markets and growing confidence in young collectors.

October 10th, 2022

In anticipation of our event Arcarta x Adapt, we sat down with our expert panel to discuss technological innovation in the art market.

Over the following weeks we released these short Q&A's to give our network insight into each panelist's unique point of view.

We are delighted to be starting with our event moderator, Riah Pryor.

The Perfect Match

In a panel discussion that aims at empowering the market, the moderator acts in the interest of the listener.

Asking the right questions, directing the conversation, a moderator advocates for the audience - encouraging a discussion that leaves us with more insights than when we entered the room.

As an investigative journalist and author specialising in the relationship between art and law and experience working at New Scotland Yard's Art and Antiques Unit, Riah Pryor is the perfect match for the task at hand.

With previous experience at The Art Newspaper as Art Market Assistant Editor and her current work report writing for a range of art market clients; the breadth of knowledge she brings to the table suits the array of panelists in the discussion. Expect a lively and thoughtful discussion with her at the helm.

In anticipation of the event we sat down with Riah to discuss how digital developments have changed collector expectations, what next generation collectors are looking for and the topics she is gearing up to dive into with the rest of the panel.

Collector Expectations & The Physicality of Viewing...

In your reporting you cover everything from auction sales and art fairs, to NFTs and artist resale rights. From your point of view, how have digital developments in the market changed the way we experience physical experiences such as art fairs and live auctions?

So much has been written and discussed about ‘digital developments’ that it’s easy to get distracted by the platform upon which sales are occurring and overlook the role of the artwork itself or the relationships underpinning sales. 

That’s not to say that the relationship between digital and physical is not fascinating.

Talk of a ‘revolution’ in the market seems legitimate, not just driven by tech developments and crypto markets, but also the distance from physical experiences of art which was imposed by the pandemic.

All these factors have accelerated digital markets, but simultaneously heightened understanding of the value connecting with physical art truly brings.

Growing Confidence in Young Collectors

Looking at recent trends - it looks like social movements have shifted from what kind of artists are in demand, particularly with next-generation collectors. From your observations, what are next generation collectors looking for when it comes to acquiring work?

There’s a risk of making sweeping statements about ‘next generation’ collectors prioritising their own ‘brand’ and the role of social media platforms, in decision-making around art collecting.

The reality is, our whole society is increasingly functioning in these ways, so it’s unsurprising that it will have an impact on how people research, make decisions upon and display their art.

I do think there is a growing confidence in younger people’s ability to express opinions on big social subjects- climate change most obviously- which is filtering down into the subject matter of works which appeal to them.

The Task at Hand

As event moderator, what topics are you most looking forward to diving into with our panellists?

We have quite a breadth of subject matter to cover - from new ways of transacting, after-sales service, to navigating new kinds of marketplaces - so it certainly won’t be dull. Topics aside, the breadth of experience on the panel is really exciting, so I am mostly looking forward to the opportunity of picking some of the most knowledgeable brains in the market for a whole evening!

Listen to Riah discuss the evolution of tech with our CEO Tom Noon...

About Riah Pryor

Riah Pryor is an investigative journalist and author specialising in the relationship between art and law, supported by her experience working at New Scotland Yard's Art and Antiques Unit. She previously worked at The Art Newspaper as Art Market Assistant Editor and continues to write for them on a freelance basis, in addition to report writing and editorial consultancy for a range of art market clients.

About Arcarta x Adapt

Arcarta x Adapt was an in person event that took place November 3rd at Cromwell Place which aimed to empower the art market with the tech of the future.

Assembling a group of experts at the cutting edge of their fields, this two part panel discussion and networking event provided inspiration and insights, alongside the technological tools to make them a concrete reality.

To register interest click here, please note spots are on a first come first serve basis.

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