Experience matters.

We are Arcarta.

We help non-compliance professionals in the art market succeed with complex AML regulation.

Recognising the delicate process our customers must navigate with important collectors, we minimise disruption to sales.

Understanding how much time our customers spend finding great works of art, we invest in technology so they can get things right, quickly.

In a market where relationships are built on trust first, we arm our customers with reasons to transact with anyone, anywhere and provide the required evidence to back this up.

In partnership with our customers, we believe in a future where the impact of regulation between buyers and sellers becomes a non-event.

Privacy and security for you and your clients.

Last updated May 1, 2022

Arcarta is committed to protecting your information and respecting your privacy.

Our Trust policy explains who we are, how we keep your information safe and our role as a platform to ensure best practices and best-in-class protocols are in place.

As a data platform, any data processed is stored and used solely for the purposes of use within your account. We will never sell your personal information.

Who we are

Arcarta is a Due Diligence platform for the art market and is used by over 300 Art businesses internationally.

Established in 2019 with a background in anti-fraud card payments and reducing invoice fraud, the Arcarta platform has grown to become one of the most widely adopted, global due diligence services for the Art Market.

Market-specific with a focus on experience for both galleries and collectors, Arcarta has gained significant traction owing to its unique processes and tools that help reduce the time invested and risk for non-compliance for the gallery.

Arcarta has also developed a collector-focused experience that makes the process of providing information to a gallery simple, fast and secure.

Since the new AML regulations were introduced in the UK in January 2020, the platform gained a foothold in the market by working with over 100 art galleries in the first year of regulated trading in the UK.

Arcarta owes its growth to working with the Art Market exclusively. This market-specific focus - insight and feedback from the art businesses navigating such laws - has helped shape the design and build of a service allowing any business trading in works of art to confidently respond to regulatory challenges and regulators throughout the UK, EU and US.

Data Security

Arcarta is independently audited and utilises banking level infrastructure and systems to ensure the safety, security and availability of your information.

Arcarta systems utilise best in class encryption to ensure all data remains confidential. Alongside real time backups, all stored separately in diversified locations ensuring a high level of availability and redundancy.

Dedicated monitoring is in place to review account traffic and behaviour to the platform while enforced 2FA (two factor authentication) protocols ensure any individual accessing the platform has satisfied security minimums.

Arcarta (Arc-Pay Ltd) is Cyber Essentials Certified and compliant with GDPR.


As a platform we are committed to Privacy and proper processing of all information. Registered with the ICO as a processor, information is stored on your behalf but remains confidential and anonymous.

All information is processed solely for the purpose of allowing art businesses to fulfil their regulatory (and/or transactional) obligations within a cloud based application.

For more information how we process information provided to you, your Privacy Policy is available here.

If you have any questions regarding our platform, your data or how we respect your privacy please write to us directly using our contact form.