How to make your Due Diligence Process Part of your Brand and Buying Experience
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How to make your Due Diligence Process Part of your Brand and Buying Experience

Getting the most out of the Arcarta platform

May 10th, 2022

In the recent UBS x Art Basel Art Market Report it was found that of the top 10 concerns of High Net Worth collectors, increased regulation and identification requirements such as Know Your Customer regulations (KYC) were number one. This concern is one that goes hand in hand with an increasingly online market in which buyers are acquiring work and sending information via platforms like artsy, instagram and online auctions. Not only is this newly configured marketplace a concern for galleries validating buyers, but also one for buyers wanting to ensure their data is safe and that their time is valued. 

As galleries dealing in this newly configured market, how can you balance your responsibilities as a registered AMP without sacrificing client experience and data security? How can you ensure the buyer feels at ease, maintain consistency in your branding and retain a sale?

These are questions that are at the heart of the Arcarta platform, guiding the design and development of client requests. Below we outline how you can get the most out of the platform, giving you the tools to brand your forms, maximize your client experience & convey to your clients how their information is kept secure. 


Our product team understands that the due diligence process should feel like an extension of your existing brand identity. When you send a request you can customize your content, text format, and branding to ensure your client gets a consistent experience from the moment of acquisition to final payment. You also have the ability to integrate payment via Stripe and upload/send invoices, meaning that the client can have a seamless experience from start to finish.

Client Experience 

Due Diligence should not be a cumbersome process for the buyer. It should feel as easy as making a payment or receiving an invoice. Through our secure request forms your buyers receive clear and straightforward instructions that allow them to upload their documents with an interface that works across all operating systems and mobile devices. 

In addition, our new ‘Remember Me’ feature means that once a client has uploaded their information to the Arcarta network they will not have to upload it again. Instead they simply have to consent to share their information with a new gallery saving them time and alerting you to past due diligence checks from other members of the network.


In addition you can assure your buyer that all requests for information are made securely through a banking level infrastructure that ensures the safety, security and availability of your information. Instead of sending information over weak channels of communication like email or Whatsapp, you can send direct requests through the platform providing the buyer with an extra layer of confidence that their information is in safe hands. 

For more information on how to make the platform work for you, please get in touch directly using our contact page.

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