Web3, The Climate Crisis & Post Sale Expectations
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Web3, The Climate Crisis & Post Sale Expectations

Convelio's Edouard Gouin discusses how sustainability and decentralisation are at the forefront of new technology.

October 12th, 2022

In anticipation of our event Arcarta x Adapt, we sat down with our expert panel to discuss technological innovation in the art market.

Over the following weeks we released these short Q&A's to give our network insight into each panelist's unique point of view. In this instalment we speak to Edouard Gouin, Co Founder of Convelio.

As a company who has changed the way post sale service operates for the art market, how have experiences such as online shopping changed collector expectations post sale?

Art collectors want a seamless purchasing experience from start to finish. Their post sale expectations start with being able to know the cost of shipping their item at the time of purchase, instead of organising this separately, which has traditionally been the case. And once the purchase is made, they expect to be kept up to date on the delivery at each step of the way. Simply put, collectors want it to be as easy to purchase a work of art online as it is to buy clothes and expect the same experience that they would find on any other marketplace.

Price Transparency Spans Across The Whole Journey of An Artwork

Price transparency is a major trend for next generation collectors - how has this influenced the way in which you have built your business?

With price transparency, we are not just talking about artwork prices being visible to the public. To inform their purchasing decision, collectors also want to easily know the delivery costs of an artwork and this has historically been a tricky process.

Firstly, it can take days to receive a shipping quote by email. This makes price comparison a nightmare, which in turn can lead to collectors paying more than they should for their delivery. This is how Convelio started — we wanted to make the shipping process (from quoting to delivery) as seamless as possible for collectors while offering the best value for money (think very good quality at an affordable price). Our online quoting system provides quotes in a matter of second, using our proprietary algorithm that assesses multiple data points across the entire logistics chain. This also allows us to offer competitive shipping rates.

Building on this, we now give our clients the possibility to display shipping prices on their website directly through our API and Widget integrations. With price transparency at the heart of our business, this was a natural direction for us to take and we’re excited to be integrating with key art world players.

Decentralised Systems and Sustainability

What is new technology that you feel is revolutionising the art world - what possibilities is it opening up?

It’s impossible to talk about technology that is revolutionising the art world without mentioning Web3. This new decentralised system is offering an alternative to the way in which art has historically been created and purchased.

The technology [Web 3] has given artists the opportunity to take back control on how they approach their practice, where their work is being used and how they are getting paid.

There’s also a growing number of technologies helping businesses be more sustainable, which are shaping the way the art world is tackling the growing climate crisis. For example, it is now possible to display the CO2 emissions generated by a specific shipment and encourage clients to choose a more environmentally friendly option. This is something we are actively working on at Convelio. Following the publication of our carbon emissions report, we will be adding CO2 calculator into our booking platform to provide transparency on carbon emissions for each shipment.

Listen to Edouard speak about the digital revolution on our panel...

About Edouard Gouin

Edouard Gouin is one of two co-founders at Convelio, a company delivering global logistics to the art market through a digital platform and integration tool. In June 2021 he was recognised as the IVY Award winner for Best Young Tech Leader; and in 2020 he was listed in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for Convelio and its contribution to the Art and Culture industry.

About Arcarta x Adapt

Arcarta x Adapt was an in person event that took place November 3rd at Cromwell Place which aimed to empower the art market with the tech of the future.

Assembling a group of experts at the cutting edge of their fields, this two part panel discussion and networking event provided inspiration and insights, alongside the technological tools to make them a concrete reality.

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