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Your AML Training for Art Market Participants.

1. Complete the course
We've assembled a course combining videos and reading material into 4 sections.

Click below to begin.
Typical time: 3 hours
Begin Course
2. Self Assessment A
We’ll check your answers against a series of self assessment questions. Your answers will be graded and a certificate awarded if you pass (minimum 80%.)

One re-take is included if you fail the reach the 80% pass rate the first time.
Typical time: 30 mins
Begin Assessment A
3. Self Assessment B
As part of your obligation to renew your training every 12 months, the second Assessment can be taken only after completion of Assessment A (pass minimum of 80% applies.)

If you haven't already paid to re-register for training, a payment of £99.99+VAT will be required to grade this assessment.
What next?
Once your training is complete and your self assessment submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email - and if you have passed - a certificate.

The certificate can be used to confirm your legal obligation to complete adequate training as a registered Art Business.
Allow 3-5 days to receive