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Hervé Aaron, Didier Aaron Gallery

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Hervé Aaron, Didier Aaron GalleryHervé Aaron, Didier Aaron GalleryHervé Aaron, Didier Aaron Gallery
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A conversation with
Tom NoonHervé Aaron

Hervé Aaron, Tom Noon

December 8th, 2020
Presented by Arcarta, the anti-fraud and customer due diligence network for the art world, the Bigger Picture presents a special series of episodes in partnership with London Art Week. A showcase of the best that the art market has to offer, we take an inside look at the galleries participating and the stories behind the people that shape them.
"My father really did teach us to be curious, and that's a great thing."

With an illustrious history, founded in 1923 - and now in its 3rd generation - Didier Aaron exhibits at TEFAF, Fine Arts Paris, Frieze and the Salon du Dessin and participates in London Art Week. Focusing on French art from the 16th to 19th centuries, the gallery has placed works in institutions such as the National Gallery, the MET and numerous principal museums of France. 20 years ago, the gallery would go on to negotiate the sale of one of the most important old master works by Titian to the Getty Museum for more than 50 million dollars. With galleries in New York, London and Paris, today the business is overseen by Didier’s son and president Hervé who has been continuing the family legacy.

Find below a short excerpt from this podcast:

Tom: Despite your family ties you didn’t envisage dealing in art. In fact, you wanted to open an advertising company, so what was the attraction?

Hervé: The attraction was that I’d always been interested in communication, even after that, and at the time I did a Masters of Management with two friends and we wanted to open up an advertising company.

Tom: So how did your father react to your apparent interest in advertising?

Hervé: My father did the same thing with my brother which is something really amazing. Which is that he told us at the age of 18, you’re going to do serious studies and you’re going to do art history study.  And at the end of all of that you’re going to decide if you want to work with me or not…

Hervé Aaron

Hervé Aaron

Didier Aaron Gallery

Paris, London, New York
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