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Am I Capturing and Storing Client ID documents Safely?

Under the 5th anti-money laundering directive, you are required to capture ID documents and verify identity as part of your Due Diligence. Start the quiz to see if you're capturing and storing this information safety.
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Question 1
How are you asking clients to send you their ID documents?
Select those that apply, then click Continue.
Via a Secure Form or Portal
By Post or in Person
Via Email
Question 2
Are you asking for two forms of proof of address to verify identity?
Select those that apply, then click Continue.
Only when the client is new/unknown
Question 3
Are you storing the ID documents you receive securely?
Select those that apply, then click Continue.
We store all documents using encryption for a minimum of 5 years
We store documents on Google Drive
We store reports in a password protected folder
We keep them in a physical safe
We are not storing them securely
Question 4
Do clients agree to your privacy policy and or terms when submitting documents to you?
Select only those that apply, then click Finish.
Dependant upon the client