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Compliance Quiz

Does Anti-money laundering affect you?
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Question 1
I am/we are:
Select those that apply, then click Continue.
an Advisor/Agent/Consultant
a Dealer/Gallery
an Auction House
an Operator of a freeport
None of these
Question 2
I/we have multiple premises, where:
Select those that apply, then click Continue.
One or more is located within UK/Europe
This does not apply to me/us
Question 3
I/we are involved in the sale/storage of:
Select those that apply, then click Continue.
Paintings, drawings, collages, decorative plaques or similar pictures from any period
Engravings, lithographs or prints
Sculpture, statuary or sculpture cast by form from any period
Tapestries or hangings
Photographs that are printed under supervision of the photographer, signed or limited edition
Non-functional, sculptural ceramic or porcelain signed by the maker or artist
Enamel on copper that is executed by hand, limited edition or signed by the artist
None of these
Question 4
These works or art are...
Select only those that apply, then click Continue.
Executed by hand
Signed by the artist or the maker
Original or unique
From a series where the number produced does not exceed eight
From a limited edition of nine or more casts made before 1st January 1989
From a limited edition where the number of photographs produced does not
exceed 30
None of these
Question 5
I/we are involved in regular or occasional transactions where...
Select only those that apply, then click Finish.
The total value on the invoice exceeds €10,000
The same client will spend more than €10,000 with us over a 5 year period
We make sales at European Fairs
The value of art works stored for a person, or linked persons exceeds €10,000
None of these apply