Do you need to disclose your clients to another Art Business?

If you’re dealing with an intermediary - or acting as one - the transparency AML regulation requires in the Art Market presents confusion, complexity and concerns about the disclosure of sensitive client information: What questions should you be asking, what information are you required to disclose?
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About this quiz

This short quiz will help you identify how these aspects of the regulation will affect you, if you’re asking for and receiving the right information from others and if your process is correct.

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Question One
I/we accept works on consignment from other Galleries or Dealers
Question Two
I/we consign works to other galleries and dealers
Question Three
I/we have shares in works of art with other galleries or dealers
Question Four
I/we sell at auction on behalf of our private clients
Question Five
When we are dealing with an agent, we receive the following information (select all those that apply)
Question Six
When I/we are acting as an agent, we share the following information with other regulated members of the Art Market (select all those that apply)
Question Seven
When I/we act on behalf of private clients and we disclose or share information, this information is shared by (select all those that apply)
Question Eight
We share our clients ID and Proof of Address with other galleries and dealers as and when requested
Question Nine
When I/we share client ID and Proof of Address with other galleries and dealers we are able to share this information securely and inline with GDPR
Question Ten
I/we sell works of art through 3rd party platforms and online marketplaces and have corresponding records of Customer Due Diligence from these marketplaces against these sales
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