What to do if a payment is unsuccessful

Monday, July 13, 2020

Very rarely, upon completion of payment by card, you or your client may experience that a payment has been unsuccessful. In such instances, the screen below will be displayed:

In our experience this is due to the security rules applied by the card issuing bank e.g. AMEX

We recommend the following course of action if a card payment you are processing has been unsuccessful:

1. Inform your client that payment has been unsuccessful.

2. Request that your client calls their card issuing bank to inform them of the purchase they wish to make with you.

3. Try the payment again.

4. If the payment is unsuccessful a second time after following the steps above, request that the client provides an alternative card.

We do not recommend trying to complete the payment again with the same card information without having carried out the steps as listed above.

For security reasons, Stripe is likely to perceive multiple repeated attempts to process a payment that has previously been unsuccessful as suspicious or fraudulent. Hence, this may see a temporary block placed on your account and will restrict your ability to process payments for a 7 day period.