How do I let my clients know they can pay us using ArcartaPay?

Monday, July 13, 2020

For many of the dealers, galleries and auctioneers using ArcartaPay, they have notified their clients using the message below.

You are welcome to use customise, or amend the copy below as you see fit.

At [BUSINESS NAME] we pride ourselves in doing things differently, doing things in our own way to ensure our clients’ experience with [BUSINESS NAME] is aligned with our expectation as collectors, decorators and appreciators of good design and craftsmanship.

For reasons concerning convenience, security and simplicity, for certain purchases, we will be accepting payment from our clients using ArcartaPay.

Our using ArcartaPay to accept payment is not only going to make completing your purchase with us quicker, it’s likely the most secure way for us to do business with each other.

As well as secure and private, it’s also incredibly simple and fast: Once you receive an email with a link from us, you can pay us via any computer or mobile device - using your internet browser - so long as you have WiFi or 3G/4G.

Next time you receive an invoice from us, look out for a payment link that we’ll have prepared for you personally. Click the link to pay us securely, conveniently and in private.