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So you’re asking for ID and Screening clients but are you carrying out Customer Due Diligence?

The Anti-Money Laundering regulations as it pertains to Art Market Participants requires a compliance process of real substance as well as introducing new challenges in respect of security and storage
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Friday 14th May, 2021
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4pm BST / 11am EDT
Tom Noon
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Tom Noon
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While asking for ID and Screening are part of your obligations under the AML regulations, all Art Market Participants have record-keeping and reporting obligations to satisfy as well as GDPR. 

Your Reporting and Record-Keeping obligations require you to maintain appropriate systems, maintain Customer Due Diligence reports, write client risk assessments and store sensitive client information for 5 years. 

Join us on Friday 14th May at 4pm BST, 11am EDT to learn how you can undertake Customer Due Diligence in a safe and practical way that’s simple for you and your clients.